At Least The Police Responded Quickly

Three people were injured in a shootout which happened in the park lot of a Lafayette, Louisiana police station. I mean, when you’re shooting people in a police parking lot, you know this country is doomed.

Police in Lafayette are investigating a triple shooting that happened outside police headquarters.

At around 5:00 pm, one person was injured after two vehicles pulled up along side another vehicle and opened fire, Chief Glover says. That person was taken to the hospital, the condition is not known.

A spokesperson for the police department says three victims were hit by gunfire in the parking lot sometime in the 8:00 hour. No fatal injuries were reported. Lafayette Police tell us that the shooting did not involve any officers.

My division is one of the most violent in the city, and we’ve had shootings less than a block away from the building. We have yet to have a shooting in our parking lot – yet – so I guess we get a gold star.

10 thoughts on “At Least The Police Responded Quickly

  1. Mike AKA Proof – It’s a pretty damning case for how people aren’t afraid of being arrested anymore.

    Mike47 – This week’s movie is Cool Hand Luke.


  2. Can’t believe we have sunk so low as to shoot people in the police parking lot. Obviously they aren’t afraid of the consequences of their actions when it comes to the law.


    1. I’ve been thinking about why the ‘victims’ were there.
      Do drug dealers park there so their cars don’t get broken into?
      Dropping off the weekly payoff?
      Going in to inform on their competition?
      A T-800 that found the correct Sarah Connor?


  3. Ronni – Why should they, when most big cities don’t bother to prosecute? I’d like to think Louisiana would do so, but who knows?

    Veeshir – When I first saw The Terminator, my friend and I counted down how many cops the T-800 killed after Paul Winfield bragged about how many cops were in the building. Bang! 29. Bang! 28. Bang! 27…


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