Chuck Schumer Is A Disgusting Humanoid

Someone will need to revoke Chuck Schumer’s Caring, Concerned Democrat card, after he described mentally disabled children as “retarded.” Remember, the Democrats care about the children.

Speaking on the One NYCHA podcast, Senator Chuck Schumer referred to mentally disabled children as “retarded.” That word has long since gone out of favor with those who seek to destigmatize children and adults who are developmentally disabled.

“Yes,” Schumer said. “I have found that my whole career. I wanted to build, in my first, in Assembly. They wanted to build a congregant living space for retarded children. The whole neighborhood was against it! These were harmless kids, they just needed some help. We got it done,” he said.

Honestly, the only time this word is acceptable is when it involves Amy Schumer… and Diego.

A spokesperson for Schumer has since acknowledged that the senator “used an inappropriate and outdated word” during the recent interview.

Funny how often that happens with Democrats, and yet they are never called out on it. Lord knows Hunter “Crack Pipe” Biden is a huge fan of the N-word, and yet no one calls him on it. It’s okay, though; sure they throw out these despicable words, but at least there are no more mean tweets.

4 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer Is A Disgusting Humanoid

  1. I find it so infuriating that the dems never get called out on their “political INcorrectness” but even cows get attacked by the dems for flatulence which they can no nothing about. Give me a flippin’ break!


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