Just. Stop. It.

Bill de Blasio, the communist, anti-police mayor of New York City, has decided to prop up his plummeting approval ratings by throwing a tickertape parade for essential workers.

Police officers need not apply.

A big celebration is coming to mark New York City’s reopening.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday a ticker tape parade to honor the city’s frontline workers who helped get New Yorkers through the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.

From someone deemed as “essential,” this is a ridiculous idea and a waste of time and money. We’ve done this already, with lame flyovers over cities, and equally vapid gestures meant to make some millionaire doctors feel better about themselves. And I’m not anti-medical personnel – my sister is a nurse – but the fawning is embarrassing.

De Blasio effectively wants to salute medical personnel who did their jobs. What about the truckers who kept the stores open, or the farmers who kept food on our tables?

Last year, New Yorkers applauded from their windows to celebrate essential workers. This year, on July 7, they can celebrate in person.

“The first, true, large parade in New York City will be one to celebrate the heroes of the fight against COVID,” Mayor de Blasio said. “Our first responders, our essential workers, the people who kept us alive, the people who kept the city going no matter what.”

The irony is de Blasio’s city is so rife with crime, most of these “heroes” would be safer in their own homes; especially if they’re Jewish or Asian.

5 thoughts on “Just. Stop. It.

  1. The man is such a hypocrite but they will never vote him out. The left loves the free stuff!! (since someone else pays)


  2. RC – It’s political theater from a politician who effectively hates his constituents.

    Ronni – We’ve come a long way since Guiliani’s clean up of NYC.


  3. Isn’t NY the same place that said if you were a health care worker who volunteered to help during the height of Covid you now owe NY taxes. Did they not read the history where when it got bad enough in Rome with the bread and circuses that the senate or the praetorian guard …ahem removed said ruler.


  4. Gary – Yeah, Cuomo demanded that after medical professionals from across the country flew in to help. Ironic, since Cuomo then decided to murder thousands of nursing home patients.


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