Everybody Is iPhone Fighting

A Japanese man has spent the better part of the last few months creating a quick-draw system for his iPhone. Why? Don’t know. What I do know is this guy needs to find a real job.

Look, I know the title of this post kind of makes sense and when you read it you’re thinking, “This is probably a Japanese guy who made a way to pull his iPhone out really quickly.” And that’s a fair assumption. But what this video actually is is pure internet majesty. This is the internet we were promised.

Trust me when I tell you; you are going to want to see the video below. My word as a Biden.

I mean, if this video doesn’t make you laugh, you likely don’t have a pulse.

7 thoughts on “Everybody Is iPhone Fighting

  1. I wrote a story, set in the present, in which a “cell phone” was never mentioned. I paid a well-respected professional editor for his opinion. He wondered, several times!, Where’s her cell phone? Okay, I can understand his response. I don’t own a smart phone; I use a flip phone with Tracfone service because I don’t live on the thing. Also, I have a powerful PC, with a YUGE monitor, when I want to go online. But I do understand I’m in a tiny minority. So I re-wrote the story having the protagonist leaving her cell phone behind (along with her car keys & credit cards) when she left her husband because she couldn’t afford to maintain it. I sent the revision to the editor. I said I liked my story as written and I no longer need his services.

    As a flip phone user, I found this video hilarious. And because I’m no smart phone lemming, I feel superior. 😉

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