It’s A Very Rocky Relationship

A Saskatoon, Saskatchewan couple apparently couldn’t wait to get home to start banging each other, so they decided to do so on someone’s front lawn.

North Battleford RCMP are investigating after a couple was interrupted in a compromising position – and allegedly became violent.

Police called to 1900 block of 102nd Street around 7 p.m. on June 15 after someone cutting lawn located two people having sex.

Seriously? On someone’s lawn? Don’t these Canucks know that’s what parks and playgrounds are for?

Police say the couple became upset and started throwing rocks at the complainant.

Now see that’s just rude. Besides, the couple are supposed to be getting their rocks off!

6 thoughts on “It’s A Very Rocky Relationship

  1. Well, no one likes being knocked out of the saddle. Cowboy was just peacefully trying to ride his whore… whoops… I uhhh… mean… horse in the pasture. No wonder he was a little upset.


  2. Finding a couple doing the dirty deed on your freshly mowed grass is not a pretty sight. No amount of brain or eye bleach will erase it. Trust me.

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