A Rant In D Minor

This post has been a long time coming, and after careful consideration, I am going to post about this now. This is a more serious post than my usual clown show posts, but I think this is important.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. In my fifty-two years, I have seen both good and bad. Every city has their troubles, obviously, but in the past two decades, Philadelphia has been in a downward spiral. The city has been run exclusively by Democrats since 1952, and the city has suffered for it.

But this isn’t really about politics. It’s about the culture.

Philadelphia has always been a very violent city, especially during the mid to late-90’s. Recently, however, the violence has skyrocketed, mostly after the George Floyd riots. The citizens are murdering people for taking too long to move at a green light, for bumping part them on a sidewalk, or simply looking at them the wrong way. Children are caught in the crossfire, Jewish citizens are being assaulted because of their religion, and Asians are being harassed for a virus which did not originate here.

The politicians sit on their hands and do nothing to stop the slaughter. The media refuses to accurately cover the violence. The department bigwigs fiddle with the true homicide count.

The department is no better. The city stopped looking for the best candidates, and decided instead in favor of diversity. Many of the new officers don’t want to do the job; they’re just here for the paycheck. The veterans care even less. When your department treats you like you’re expendable, refuses to give you the equipment necessary to do the job, and worries more about masks than solving crimes, you know it’s time to get out.

Having said that, this is my home, and it pains me to watch it die in real time. I spent close to thirty years fighting for and protecting the people of this town, and nobody cares. I imagine the Founders are appalled at what the Birthplace of Freedom has become. The city which gave us the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty Bell is quickly becoming Baltimore, and no one cares.

Philadelphia deserves better.

7 thoughts on “A Rant In D Minor

  1. I watched people screw up NYS, it was depressing.
    Notice I didn’t say, “politicians screw up NYS” because it’s the voters.
    Just like Philadelphia, they have the pols they want.
    That’s why I left.


  2. We took a family vacation to PA in the late 70’s and I loved all the history in the area. It was so exciting to see all these things we had learned about in school. I ran the full gamut of emotion during that trip. Happy smiles at Hershey, awe in Philly, thankful and tears at Gettysburg. So sad to see what so many of our big cities have become as more and more people only think of themselves and not others.

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  3. About the only easy way to fix Philly, or NYC, or Frisco, or DC would be 10 Megatons at 20,000 feet. High enough to minimize the radioactive fallout. Everything else would need at least as much time to fix the cities as it took to screw them up this time.

    They tell me alcoholics won’t change until they finally realize they have hit rock bottom. Not enough of the blue voters in these blue cities have realized the city is in a power dive heading rock bottom. There is still more decay and degradation to go, and for the smart people, a final chance to flee.


  4. Not that it would change anything, but you ought to send the post as a letter to the Philly paper. I’m sure it’s a lousy rag, but I’d do it anyway.

    Wish I had people like you in my jurisdiction!


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