Head For Her Mountains

A randy couple were climbing mountains in Austria, when they realized they could take a break by taking a nap… which immediately turned into hot sex action.

A couple were captured having sex at at an altitude of 6,500 feet by panoramic webcam that takes shots every 20 minutes.

Cameras at the Nock Mountains, which are the westernmost and highest mountain range of the Gurktal Alps in Austria, caught two mountaineers fooling around earlier this month in images that have now gone viral.

I’m sorry, but the Nock Mountains sounds dirty, as if it’s asking for people to bang there.

The publishing software failed to realise that their privacy was being breached as the images were posted it online.

You can, however, rent the video for $19.99. But hold on, we’ll also give you a backup video for free!

5 thoughts on “Head For Her Mountains

  1. Nock mountains. Have you ever wondered where all the rocks in your garden come from? If you listen at night you can hear the rocks mating. Nock! Nock! Nock! Sexy.


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