True Detective Stories

So Thursday night was amusing. Most every officer who visited the division brought with them an idiotic report. One officer brought in a stolen firearm report, where the victim was allegedly carrying two pistols in a Lyft, and he “forgot” to bring the guns with him after being dropped off. Or the other stolen firearms report where the victim refused to be interviewed, or cooperate in any way.

The worst, however, was the rookie.

So this rookie cop calls the division, and like a dumbass, I picked up the phone. The cop claims two men had an outside altercation, and at one point, the offender takes out a gun and puts it by his side. At this point, we’re looking at threats, and nothing more. The offender walks to his car, then walks away…

The victim calls 911 and Officer Doofus arrives. The victim now claims the gun was POINTED at him, and Officer Doofus becomes Vic Mackey. He let two other officers search the vehicle – without a warrant – and they do not find a weapon. The offender comes back and Officer Doofus arrests the male for, I guess, threatening the victim with an imaginary pistol. The offender is searched and the officer finds narcotics.

Officer Doofus finally has an arrestable offense, after his first two tries fell flat.

The officer brings in this garbage, and the supervisor listens to this nonsense and approves it. Shaking my head, I took the report and assigned it. Officer Doofus thanks me for “my help,” and I replied, “Don’t thank me, because this case isn’t getting past a preliminary hearing.”

I imagine the court case going like this: “Officer, is it true you searched a vehicle without a search warrant? Officer, is it true you arrested the offender for possession of a firearm without actually seeing a firearm? Officer, did you arrest the offender without any collaborating witnesses?”

Oh, and by the way, the car was hit with a search warrant, and guess what? No gun.

This department is doomed.

1,226 days.

4 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. This may sound like a crappy idea. When you walk in to work shut your brain off & do thebasics. When you leave turn your brain back on & enjoy your family. Don’t waste your brain or energy on these idiots.


  2. Soon, you’ll be under 1200. By Thanksgiving, under 1100. Things are looking up. It won’t be long you’ll be only into three digits. Hang in there.


  3. Cathy – The only good part about it is I work the front desk. It’s a pain in the groin most days, but I’m not interacting with the cops or the citizens nearly as much as the detectives on the floor are.

    Mike AKA Proof – Well, I knew it wouldn’t make it past a prelim, and now the only charge is marijuana possession, the charges will likely be dismissed.

    RG – It started at about 1,440 days, so it’s nice to see they are moving quickly.


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