Princess P, Dancing Queen

This year, Princess P decided to change her dance school. Her previous school wasn’t sure they would be open because of the Chinese Wuhan Virus, and since the owner of the new school (Dance Kidz) is friends with Mrs. Earp, it seemed like a good alternative.

Classes were an hour, once a week, and when I took Julia, she always asked to stop at the store to get her Gatorade and a snack. Since I’m a pushover, I always agreed. Julia joined the lyrical dance group, which appeared to be more like ballet than anything else.

Last night was the recital, and unlike other recitals, we were able to go home after Princess P’s dance was over. The recital began at 7pm, and considering the amount of classes, it likely went until almost 10pm. Mrs. Earp, my mother-in-law, Kevin, Erik, and I all went to see Princess P dance. (Kyle was home sick; fighting a cold the past two days.)

Obviously, I’m biased, but I think Julia performed magnificently. She told me afterward that she almost slipped at one point, and claimed she was “just okay.” I disagreed, but when Julia thinks she made a mistake, she carries it around for a day or two. I can only tell her what I saw, and I saw her dancing very well. As always, she made me very proud, and she liked her teacher enough that she is interested in taking a jazz class.

I cannot wait until I see her pulling out “jazz hands.”

7 thoughts on “Princess P, Dancing Queen

  1. OMG, she’s a lovely young woman! Wasn’t it just the other day when she was a little girl? Time flies. Our youngest grandson is graduating high school tomorrow. It seems like yesterday he was in 2nd grade and doing sit-ups to develop a 6-pack. I only have a 2-pack now, he said. And now he’s all grown up, deep voice and all.


  2. She looks beautiful and so grown-up in that picture, Wyatt. I know you think of her as “daddy’s little girl” but she has become a young lady seemingly overnight.


  3. I was thinking the exact same thing as the first two commenters. I always think of her as a cute, little girl. Now she is becoming a beautiful young lady. Your lovely missus passed along some good genes with that one. Pretty soon you will need to be brandishing your service weapon at all times to keep the boys away. Then again with her black belt I don’t think that she will suffer fools lightly……..


  4. Kitty – She’s really into music right now. Her favorites are Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana. Go figure. She is trying to teach herself to play Stairway to Heaven on her guitar.

    Ronni – She looks like a teenager in that photo, which depresses me. She’s growing up all too fast.

    Tam – Yeah, she has her black belt for this exact situation. Kevin has belt testing tonight. It would be black over blue. They both still love Krav maga, and rarely complain when they have classes.


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