Leave Britney Alone!

The testimony of pop superstar Britney Spears’ conservatorship has been released, and apparently she claims her father and management team drugged her.

The recording of Britney Spears’s bombshell testimony where she called her conservatorship “abusive” and said her father and management team should be in “jail” for drugging her and forcing her to work has been leaked and is now available to listen to.

The testimony is likely more entertaining than her songs. Hey-o!

She begins by explaining that she was forced to perform in her 2018 “Piece of Me” tour that went across Europe and North America for three months and soon after, she was told she’d have to get right back to work for a new Las Vegas residency.

“I needed a break in between but no, I was told this is the timeline and this is how it’s going to go,” Spears said.

Normally, I would laugh at her and tell her to suck it up. Having said that, a singer definitely needs a rest period for her vocal chords to recover. Spears’ father sounds like a douche, and the management seems like they’re only after her money.

I would treat Britney with care, and demand zero money if she just lets me stare at her body all day.

6 thoughts on “Leave Britney Alone!

  1. “I would treat Britney with care, and demand zero money if she just lets me stare at her body all day.” — Maybe you could get the job of the person that according to Britney watches her shower and get dressed every morning.

    It sounds like they don’t trust her at all, and are not even willing to try to give her any peace or independence and freedom. I guess they want their little cash machine to keep chugging along. Daddy sounds like a mercenary b@$+ard. I wonder what that does to her song writing desires or abilities?

    On the other hand, I am very afraid the first thing she will do is stop he psych meds, and then we get crazy trainwreck Britney all over again (if she doesn’t suicide) in about 6-12 months.


  2. Back when I could tolerate his writing (i.e., when it was not too overtly leftist), I was reading a story Chuck Klosterman wrote about interviewing Britney Spears, probably when he was still writing for Spin magazine.

    He said he found her to be one of the least self-aware people he’d ever met, so doggedly oblivious that he was convinced she was really a mastermind, creating this persona of someone who couldn’t see the overriding sexualized context of her pop music career.

    It culminated in Klosterman asking her about touting the empowerment of young girls while appearing in a very revealing outfit in one of her videos, probably a bra top and a micro mini.

    “It was just a skirt and a shirt,” said Spears, confounding Klosterman, who was scandalized by clothing that would have made anyone but Miley Cyrus say, “Mmm, that’s a little much, I think.”

    When you feel like you want to jump to Britney’s defense, remember: she’s either so oblivious that she’ll call a stripper outfit “a skirt and a shirt,” or she’s a Lex Luthor-level mastermind using psychological warfare on the American reading public.


  3. RD – I’m pretty sure I can handle that job. Most. Definitely. I agree, with you; I think these people really screwed her up, and she needs some stability in her life.

    Mitchell – Hmm, I wonder if she could be both. I knew a few women who were just that. It’s frightening.


    1. It’s possible she’s both. Remember the wisdom passed down from the ages: “The most beautiful woman in the world has three ex-boyfriends who got sick and tired of her shit.”

      Britney isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world (full disclosure: she’s hot enough to tempt me to put “my associate” in crazy), but I’m sure she’s very dexterous with her shit, in the manner of a chimpanzee, most likely, i.e., it gets flung all over the place.


  4. She’ll be 40 this year, old enough to run her own life. The “kid” who needs a conservator is Hunter Biden.


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