The Fire Still Burns

A Thailand woman decided to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend after he refused to get back together. Now the man needs to ride the bus to and from work.

Bangkok: A young woman set fire to a bike she had given as a gift to avenge her ex-boyfriend. Kanok Van, a 36 – year – old Bangkok resident, set fire to a bike worth Rs 23 lakh, which was gifted to her ex – boyfriend. Scenes of a young woman entering the parking area of ​​a school building and setting her bike on fire are going viral on social media.

The meeting was reportedly held in Bangkok last Monday. According to the English news channel Times Now, the girl decided to take revenge after her ex-boyfriend refused to reunite. The woman reached the parking area and poured petrol on her ex-boyfriend’s bike and set it on fire.

This would have been a more interesting story if it was a motorcycle instead of a moped; which is funny because the offender seems a lot like a moped. “Mopeds are fun, but you don’t want your buddies to see you riding one.”

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