“Doctor” Jill Biden Makes Her Power Play

“Doctor” Jill Biden, who is not in any way, shape, or form an actual doctor, will be traveling to the Olympics in Japan.

She will be traveling to Tokyo alone, as the illegitimate president will be too busy eating paste.

The 2020 Summer Olympics, also known as Tokyo 2020, is to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021. The international sports competition was delayed a year due to the coronavirus pandemic but the name remains the same. It is being reported that Jill Biden will go to Japan for the opening ceremony on July 23 without her husband, the president. While in Japan, she is holding diplomatic meetings with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and other senior diplomatic officials.

Edith Wilson is nodding in approval.

When did Jill Biden begin to assume diplomatic meetings with a major ally on behalf of the United States and her husband’s administration? Why isn’t Joe Biden going? Other than totally botching his own message about pushing through massive infrastructure legislation in Congress, what’s he got going on that he can’t show up? Maybe his staff isn’t allowing him to go so as to avoid fresh opportunities for him to embarrass us overseas, given his performances at the G7 and NATO.

How is any of this even remotely acceptable? Jill Biden was never elected to any office, the illegitimate president is still – in theory – running the country, and even if he isn’t, Vice-President Kamala “Legs Up” Harris would be next in line to attend diplomatic meetings.

What the hell is going on in the White House? Does anyone know who is actually in charge?

11 thoughts on ““Doctor” Jill Biden Makes Her Power Play

  1. Mike AKA Proof – I understand he embarrassed the country at the G8, but as long as he can walk and drool, he should be handling the diplomacy. The chick didn’t even let him go to Tokyo, which shows how far gone Biden is at this point.


  2. Read about Edith Wilson who played President after the Racist and Fascist Democrat Woodrow Wilson had a stroke, a little over a century ago.


  3. RD – I read about her coup in sophomore year in college. No one wanted to admit Wilson was effectively an invalid, so they just let Edith run things.


  4. Didn’t the Biden Administration already insult the Japanese once when they sent Harris to greet their Prime Minister, and now they go for strike two with someone who is “Doctor” only because her Husband had a school named after him for doing nothing in 47 years. I thought he was a puppet for China does he not know that this is a serious loss of face in the Asian world?


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