The Eyes Had It

So yesterday Kevin and I had our yearly optometrist appointments. Our eye doctor is great; always has a smile on his face, is very patient, and is brilliant at what he does. Kevin and I were the only patients early yesterday morning, so we didn’t have to wait. The doctor took me in first, with Kevin being examined shortly thereafter.

The doc dilated our eyes, and had us come in after a few minutes. The doctor examined my dilated eyes, checked his chart, and made a “Hmm” sound. A few years ago, I had some pressure in my right eye, and I usually take an extra test to make sure things are okay. When the doctor looked at my eye again, he stopped, and said, “You have some pressure in the right eye. Having looked at it, I want you to come back in a month for more tests.”

Before I could ask what the problem was, he replied, “I think this may be glaucoma.”

So I’m looking at glaucoma in my early fifties. Awesome.

I obviously trust my doctor, and my mother-in-law had something similar, stating the surgeon who worked on her eyes was terrific. That said, I have always been manic about my eyes, and I always imagine the worst when it comes to my health. I really don’t want to lose my sight, and I certainly don’t want to lose it in my fifties. Not that it will come to that, but from what I’ve been reading, it seems like glaucoma and blindness are often hand in hand.

So, I’ll likely stress myself out until next month, and hope the glaucoma scare is just that: a scare.

16 thoughts on “The Eyes Had It

  1. Don’t borrow trouble, Wyatt. You said you had some pressure a few years ago and some times things like this are caused from stress and will go away. I am hoping it is “no big deal”.


  2. Ronni – I’d rather lose a limb than my sight. Of course, there’s a chance it’s nothing, but I really would like to have healthy eyes.


  3. OK, Wyatt, 3 things:

    1) I just turned 60 last month & have been legally blind since I was 18. It’s correctible with glasses, so as long as I can see, I’m good.

    2) I was diagnosed with glaucoma 3 years ago. If your doctor is anything like mine, you’ll be on some different kinds of drops first, so it could be fixable without surgery. If the drops don’t work, then they’ll set you up for surgery. You’ll be knocked out for what needs to be done & they’ll put a patch on the eye & it’ll need to be left on for 24 hours, then you’ll go back in for it to be taken off (on the up side, you & the family can talk like pirates). The only problem I had with it was that my eye would turn bloody every now & then.

    3) You have my e-mail address, so you can contact me for either a pep talk or a kick in the ass, whichever is needed.

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  4. MelP – 1. So, I’ll look super hot if we ever meet, right?

    2. An eyepatch? Sweet, I’ll look like Snake Plissken. I have always been really sensitive about my eyes. Getting contacts was a nightmare, and I have had pressure issues with my eyes before. You just hear the word glaucoma, and it freaks people out.

    3. I’ll send you an email if I start to freak out. Thanks.


    1. I don’t see out of my left eye, it’s not that bad except pouring stuff into glasses, I miss a lot.

      I have an eye patch, I had a guy make me one out of leather and put ‘the square root symbol’ of -1, so it’s actually an i patch.
      Besides mimes, is there a lower form of humor than a math pun?


  5. After looking into the laser with one eye last December and later that month looking into laser with the remaining eye (to remove cataracts) I can say I was nervous but my Doc was fantastic and I felt nothing with the laser removing cataracts and the insertion of my new lenses. It could be the pressure is some form of cataract. (the only drawback was the second eye took longer to adjust but that was due to it only being 2 weeks between surgeries.


  6. OK Chuckles, I’ll sing you MY tale of woe:
    1 Glasses at age 4.
    2 Bifocals at 10 (with the heavy horizontal line)
    3 When I enlisted,Army turned me down for warrant officer/helicopter training because of my vision but still gave me two tours in the RVN.
    4 Had trifocals by 25. Was told I had worse than 20/250 vision
    5 At 64 I had cataract surgery that let me not need glasses for 6 weeks before the eyes fully recovered from the surgery. Gots a mild prescription and UV sensitivity now.
    6 Still can qualify as marksman (under the old criteria) with both battle rifle and 1911.

    Things could be a lot worse, amigo.


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