Their Love Was Burning Like Fire

A TikTok user – this should be your first warning sign – claims she and her current boyfriend were Irish lesbians in the year 1500 and burned at the stake.

A couple with ‘déjà vu’ have claimed that they were lesbians killed for witchcraft in Ireland in the year 1500.

TikTok user Liriette said that her and her boyfriend felt they knew each other and experienced a lot of deja vu when they were got together. The video claims that the couple underwent past life regression meditation to discover if they knew one another in another lifetime.

“Regression meditation” is absolutely a thing, and it is totally not a sham.

Turns out, they were told they lived together in Ireland in the 1500s and were a lesbian couple who had to keep their relationship under wraps.

She even included images of what they think their soul’s bodies looked like but it’s not clear from the video why they think that.

You should see the artist’s conception of what she looked like in 1500. She looks like a supermodel, because no one portrays themselves as looking fat and homely.

I’m all for people believing they had past lives. If that’s your thing, go for it, but don’t expect anyone to actually believe such an outlandish story. Also, while you’re spinning these tall tales, ask yourself why people who have past lives are always someone of importance, instead of, say, a dirt farmer.

6 thoughts on “Their Love Was Burning Like Fire

  1. Ronni – It’s all about making yourself feel good, especially if the subject has little to no self-esteem.

    Veeshir – I was the piss boy in History of the World Part 1.

    Cathy – You’d think they would make themselves Greek, since they own the Isle of Lesbos.


  2. Firmly believe in a past life I was the one going around depositing the Black Plague everywhere I went I mean after all I am the essence of all that is pestilence. Sadly these days plagues just aren’t what they use to be.


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