It Was A Drive-By Scooting

An Ohio man was driving through Cincinnati when a cicada flew into his car’s window, struck him in the face, and caused him to slam into a telephone pole.

An Ohio motorist yesterday lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a utility pole after a cicada flew into the car through an open window and struck him in the face, cops report.

The male driver–who was not cited by police in connection with the crash–was not seriously injured.

The Brood X cicada, however, did not survive the accident. Police found the vile insect’s lifeless body on the Chevy’s floorboard.

A memorial service for the cicada will be held Friday in the Great American Ball Park, since the Reds only attract about fifteen fans per game.

7 thoughts on “It Was A Drive-By Scooting

  1. That’s a new one for me. I guess it would be eye opening to have that thing fly in the window but crash my car over it? I would love to see the expression on the insurance adjustors face when they receive this claim.


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