Sorry, But I Cannot Stop Laughing

An NBC News Bay Area crew was conducting an interview with Oakland’s violence prevention czar when two men approached the group and attempted to rob them.

Midway through NBC Bay Area’s interview with Oakland’s head of violence prevention, Guillermo Cespedes, two robbers interrupted, holding up the crew and Cespedes. A “scuffle” took place, an Oakland police spokesperson told SFGATE, before a security officer with the news crew pulled out his own firearm and commanded the robbers to leave.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch; a leftist news crew, and a man who wants to defund the police.

The incident took place Monday afternoon, shortly after Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong decried a city budget that reallocated an extra $18 million away from police out of a proposed police budget of $674 million. Those funds will be put into the city’s Department of Violence Prevention, helmed by Cespedes, who joined the department in 2020.

Well it certainly looks like the violence prevention program is paying off in spades. Bravo!

9 thoughts on “Sorry, But I Cannot Stop Laughing

  1. Mike AKA Proof – I wonder if the crew even thanked him. Probably once, then badmouthed him to their MFM friends.

    Cathy – Oh he’s definitely going to double-wash those drawers.


  2. He told them to leave.
    Good thing he didn’t hold them for the cops.
    If there’s no violence, you don’t need a violence prevention czar.


  3. Why didn’t the violence prevention czar talk to the poor misguided yutes and help them see the error of their ways? Isn’t that the very mission of his wonderful non-violent organization? Sounds like their first day and their leader were a complete failure?

    I wonder how much money is going to be spent on replacing the cell phones, wallets and watches of his violence prevention staff? It will be significant, but a lot less than the money they spend on hospitalizations, injuries, lost time, funerals and death benefits of the staff.

    How long before the violence preventers refuse field duty unless accompanied by their own armed security staff, or the very police they are supposed to replace? My bet is six months, four hospitalizations, or two deaths, whichever comes first. I also bet the teams will spend less than four hours per person per week out on the streets. The rest will be spent in the office, on the phone, running dog and pony shows for the politicians and VIPs, and in safer environments like churches and civic centers.


  4. Veeshir – I assume the thugs weren’t armed, otherwise there would have likely been shots fired.

    RD – Philly has been talking this up as well. They were suggesting the plan would roll out in January, but since we’re at 273 homicides already, I guess they changed their minds. I’ve said it here before, and it bears repeating – I AM ALL FOR THIS. Sending untrained, unqualified soy-boys out to answer emergency calls will be high-larious.


  5. Guess none of these idiots have lived long enough to understand “Karma”. It usually strikes when you least expect it.


  6. Ronni – Most leftists convince themselves their neighborhood is completely safe, and that the thugs would only go after conservatives. What did they think would happen when interviewing someone in Oakland?


  7. And Oakland is doubling down and reducing the police budget by several million dollars more this coming fiscal year. I guess unless you can afford your own armed security detail, this state is just going to keep going down hill.


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