This Is Blatant False Advertising!

Meet Kirsten Songer, a 22-year old medical student who pays for college by working at a South Carolina Hooters restaurant. Sadly, Songer is perpetrating a terrible fraud against her drunken male customers.

A self-touted “flat-chested” med student working at Hooters is keeping her 90,500 TikTok fans abreast of how she turns her barely there bosom into mountainous moneymakers every night.

“I have the chest of a teenage boy,” confessed Kirsten Songer, 22, in her now-viral build-a-boobs tutorial. Transforming her double A cups into an ample eyeful, Songer begins the process by strapping on her handy-dandy Amazon push-up bra.

Not gonna lie; if this chick was my waitress, and knowing she was padding, I wouldn’t tip her.

“It’s a bra on Amazon that adds two cups. It’s really padded,” the University of South Carolina Medical School coed said in the step-by-step. “It’s supposed to be like the Bombshell,” she continued, likening her online retail find to the Victoria’s Secret $70 boob-boosting undergarment.

I appreciate what God gave – or didn’t give – her, but the fact she’s bragging about it looks unseemly. I’d actually have more respect for her if she kept her mouth shut and let the guys think she was busty.

9 thoughts on “This Is Blatant False Advertising!

  1. On the upside, as she gets older and her boobs start sagging, they certainly won’t be hanging down to her waist.


    1. Salient point. I’ve been lucky; most of the girls I dated were pretty down-to-Earth. I shudder to think about the dating scene now, what with everyone going bananas, and yelling Me Too!


  2. I’m actually thinking that most people don’t care one way or another. I haven’t been to a Hooters in ages, but even if I went, it’s not like one of the Hooters babes is going to be going home with me, so she can be as flat as a pancake or as big as a watermelon and it’s pretty irrelevant. How’s that for raining on her parade?


  3. RG – South Park had an episode called “Raisins,” where the young girls at a Hooters-type establishment kept flirting with the South Park kids, and they all fell in love. It’s not real life, but that was the point. The show was blasting Hooters for conning guys into bigger tips.


  4. I don’t care because this is Hooters. By the way, shouldn’t those who have had too much to drink ask to leave? Surely no drunk customers allowed to be served. Kirsten can feel proud of the way she fools customers with her extra false cleavage. However, I must ask why girls/women choose to work at Hooters restaurant in the first place?


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