Heads Over Heels

I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood which is pretty diverse. We have Indians, Russians, Jews, and a fair amount of Ukrainians. Our neighbors across the way are from Ukraine, and they are, for the most part, very nice.

I cannot imagine the wife served in the Ukraine military, but if she did, I am fairly certain she wouldn’t have stood for this.

Ukrainian authorities have found themselves buried in controversy after official pictures showed female soldiers practising for a parade in heels.

Ukraine is preparing to stage a military parade next month to mark 30 years of independence following the Soviet Union’s breakup, and the defence ministry on Friday released photographs of fatigue-clad women soldiers marching in mid-heel black pumps.

Speaking of pumps… Nah, I better let that comment go.

“Today, for the first time, training takes place in heeled shoes,” cadet Ivanna Medvid was quoted as saying by the defence ministry’s information site ArmiaInform. “It is slightly harder than in army boots but we are trying,” Medvid added in comments released on Thursday.

Look, I’m a big supporter of the Ukraine, if for no other reason than they fight tooth and nail against Putin and his Russian thugs. That said, this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a foreign military. It’s not as dumb as the policies the illegitimate president is throwing out to our super-woke military, but it’s still pretty idiotic.

3 thoughts on “Heads Over Heels

  1. So… I’m guessing that maybe, just maybe… those shoes go with a formal dress uniform of the female variety. Practicing in fatigues with dress shoes makes a hell of a lot more sense than wearing combat boots with formal dress. FFS people lose their crap over stupid things, even in the Ukraine. Besides, it’s a Guardian article. There’s enough stupid in that newsroom to last a lifetime.


    1. I doubt you’re suddenly going to start licking windows. Spent enough time on coed armed drill teams and color guards in my younger years to know to practice in the right footwear. Doesn’t mean I’m right. Maybe someone in the Ukrainian ministry of defense has a shoe fetish.


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