The Accolades Continue

So yesterday I was sitting at my desk entering jobs when Mrs. Earp sent me a text message. I looked at the message and was instantly thrilled. Erik made the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll!

Many athletes made the honor roll from Erik’s school, with a decent amount from the lacrosse team.

Sr. Maureen McDermott, IHM, PhD, Superintendent for Secondary Schools, Office of Catholic Education, has announced the 2021 Archdiocese of Philadelphia Spring Sports Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll, which recognizes the high school student-athletes of the Archdiocese who earned first or second academic honors in the third quarter marking period while competing in baseball, softball, lacrosse, outdoor track & field, boys’ tennis, crew, and boys’ volleyball or a fall sport that competed in the alternate spring season per PIAA guidelines.

The irony here is Erik missed First Honors this semester by one lousy point.

“AOP programs enjoyed great individual and team success in the Spring sports season,” said Sister Maureen. “To have such a significant number of students earn academic honors while competing in athletics speaks volumes about their commitment to the student-athlete experience.”

Erik, like Kyle, is a very good lacrosse player, and his grades have been pretty spectacular. In fact, Transylvania University in Kentucky sent him an email Tuesday offering him a priority application. The school has been looking at him for lacrosse, but his grades obviously made an impact.

As always, we’re very proud of him and his accomplishments.

11 thoughts on “The Accolades Continue

  1. Mike AKA Proof – I was a very average cross country runner, and I only made the lacrosse team in college because I was fast. I was also a very average lacrosse player, but I did the grunt work. Scooping ground balls, checking people, giving out assists. Four years and I scored exactly zero goals.

    That said, I was a pretty good high school coach, and yes, Kyle and Erik are a million times more talented at lacrosse than I ever was.

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    1. Eh, I grew up with morons around me. Good grief, my high school and college friends were almost as bad as I was. That said, my kids are smarter, better and more talented than I ever will be.

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  2. Cathy – Thank you. It’s his second academic award for the year, and that looks good on college applications. (If he decides to take that route.)

    Ronni – He has been crushing it with his grades in high school, and he currently has a 72% faceoff win rate, which is spectacular. He sleeps all day in the summer, but as long as the grades keep coming, I don’t care.


  3. Congrats to Eric!!! You & Mrs Earp are doing it the right way!

    As long as he doesn’t start beating you in video games, right?


    1. Every one of my kids are better than me now. Kyle is a master of Call of Duty. Erik plays Fortnite and I think he has over 200 wins. Kevin plays computer games and is very good. Julia is excellent at Mortal Kombat. It’s depressing when they can own you in video games.


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