There She Is, Miss Specialist…

A U.S. Army Specialist has just won the 2021 Miss Colorado Pageant; and yes, she is a woman.

A member of the United States Army has won the 2021 Miss Colorado pageant.

The Army posted about Spc. Maura Spence Carroll’s win on its Facebook page, and Carroll is featured on the homepage of the Miss Colorado organization. The Army’s post features a photo showing Carroll in her uniform next to a shot of her getting crowned Miss Colorado 2021.

Well deserved. Maura is crazy stupid hot, plus serving her country is a bonus.

5 thoughts on “There She Is, Miss Specialist…

  1. I wonder where she’s originally from? There are good looking babes here in Colorado, but not too many like here. I won’t mind having her represent Colorado. At least I know she won’t kneel or turn her back to the flag. I’m with Veeshir on kicking the ass of the dude from Nevada.


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