Feel-Good Friday

Meet Joseph Bentley, a senior at the UK’s Loughborough University. Joseph invented a tool which can seal knife wounds from the inside.

A UK college senior is doing his part to ‘stop the bleeding’ of violent knife crime by inventing a device that can help first responders better seal wounds.

The device is known as the rapid emergency actuated tamponade, or REACT, and it borrows the long-utilized but hardly perfect function of gauze to apply pressure to a wound site to stop blood loss. Once blood clots stop the bleeding, the removal or disturbance of the gauze can reopen both the wound, and the problem.

In contrast, REACT inflates a silicon balloon-like sleeve known as a tamponade, which applies similar pressure and allows the blood to clot. Once the balloon needs to be removed, it’s deflated slowly and gently, allowing the clots to remain intact.

This device could save thousands of lives, especially those living in violent cities. Well done, Joseph.

3 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. I had something similar, although external, on my last visit to hospital to close my knife wounds.
    (The scalpel is a knife, amirite?) The bandage was held in place with pneumatic pressure, which was bled off over about a half hour- hour period.


  2. Chicago & similar shithole cities should by these by the truck load. But NO! Joseph is a white boy. Racist!


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