Tell Loius We Said Hello

Say hello to Bridgette Frank of California.

Bridgette is definitely a looker, and she certainly knows her way around fashionable clothing. Unfortunately, she was arrested for passing bad checks, which likely dirtied her “Loius Veitone” ensemble.

The 31-year-old Californian was arrested Saturday on a felony bad check charge and for failing to appear in court in a separate misdemeanor case. Frank, who lives in Covelo, a small Mendocino County town that includes the Round Valley Indian Reservation, was released from custody after posting $8500 bond.

Now as for her t-shirt.

However, the name of the French fashion house has been rendered as “Loius Veitone.” A Google search for “Loius Veitone” returns no results, indicating that Frank’s shirt is likely the butchered product of an overseas counterfeiting operation, not some ironic take sold by a fashionista.

In Bridgette’s defense, the shirt paired very well with her Mikeel Coors handbag.

8 thoughts on “Tell Loius We Said Hello

      1. When I drove to Texas last year to pick up Kyle, I really loved Arkansas. Nothing like you would think. Very spacious, very pretty, but Little Rock was kind of a craphole.


        1. The Ouachita Mountains are really nice. I did some scuba diving near Hot Springs. Spearfished a three foot bass and a four foot channel catfish in Lake Ouachita (yes, it is legal after July 31). They were delicious.


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