Just Another Night In Smashville

A Tennessee man and his friend were almost severely injured when a vehicle pulled alongside him and threw fireworks into the driver’s convertible. Well, Nashville is off the list.

Around 10:15 p.m. Sunday night, Colin Kirby was leaving the city after watching the July Fourth fireworks when a lit firework was tossed into his open convertible.

“They lit it, then rolled down the window and threw it,” said Colin Kirby. “At the same time, they went around the corner.”

Kirby was driving in his convertible with a friend when people in a white car pulled up beside him. Someone in the backseat tossed the firework which landed behind Kirby’s head. Miraculously, Kirby and his passenger weren’t seriously injured by the flaming firework.

Imagine being such an a-hole that you’d think throwing lit fireworks into someone’s car was funny. You know, if we had machine guns mounted on our cars this would never happen.

3 thoughts on “Just Another Night In Smashville

  1. If you can dig up the Alan Dean Foster science fiction story, “Why Johnny can’t speed.” you will find it fits your mention of machine gun armed cars very well.


  2. “Why Johnny Can’t Speed” by Alan Dean Foster. It’s in a collection named “With Friends Like These” (1984).

    Weaponized cars fighting on the freeways of SoCal in a dystopian future.
    Kill flags stamped on the side of the car a la WW2 fighter planes. Offensive driving is the best defensive driving.
    Here’s a link to it. https://pastebin.com/dVV0BQc9

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