Putting The Cans Back In Cannes

An unknown female guest at the Cannes Film Festival became infamous after she “released the hounds” while wearing a crop-top dress.

A guest at Cannes Film Festival stole the show on the after she flashed her boobs in a very risqué crop top as she stepped out on the red carpet for the premiere of Annette. The name of the guest is still unknown but she her photos have gone viral, where she is seen flashing her breasts as others watch her in shock.

I’m sure some of the women were in shock, but the men were extraordinarily pleased.

The woman, who donned a cream pleated skirt emblazoned with gold leaf pattern, could be seen posing up a storm for photographers after she raised her hand to wave when her bare breast got exposed. However, even though she realized the awkward moment she was unfazed. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Now that’s my kind of girl!

A few days ago, libtard idiot Scarlett Johansson went on a rant decrying the “sexualization” of her Black Widow character. Johansson blamed Hollywood and men for her low-cut outfits and leather catsuit. The problem here is she never had any problems wearing the clothing while she was making Marvel films, but now – as she’s approaching forty – it’s the worst thing since Russ Meyer films.

The Critical Drinker – a fantastic YouTuber – had a video about this entitled, “Defeminizing Female Characters.” The bottom line was essentially, when you defeminize female characters, don’t be surprised when men stop seeing your films, or they stop being interested in you anymore.

Sure the woman above was looking for attention, and she obviously earned it. Why? Because most women know what men like, and they know how to catch a man’s gaze. That’s not just twenty-something bombshells, it’s all women, and whatever you may think of the woman above, I have no problem with her flaunting her assets, so to speak.

11 thoughts on “Putting The Cans Back In Cannes

  1. Amazing isn’t it? H-wood had no problem with big bad Harv & his antics, nor did they have an issue with the way the designers dress them for things like the red carpet, as long as the $$ rolls in. But once they start getting past their prime, they start carrying on about how uncomfortable they were.


  2. I’ll stick with my “simple” woman, who is far more sexual than 10 Scarlett Johansson’s. She has a few scars, so extra love handles, and doesn’t look like the babes of Hollyweird, but she’s real. I’ll also oogle all the Hollyweird babes who are mostly just a bunch of whores selling their sexuality, but I won’t forget they are all a bunch a brainwashed moronic left wing moonbats.


  3. Although I admit to providing Wyatt the link to the story above, his rant about Scarlett Johansson was totally all on him! Are we still good, Scarlett? We still on for tonight?? Baby? Snugglebunny?


  4. MelP – I’m not a big fan of Johansson, and I don’t think she’s a great actress. She’s okay. That said, she is only an actress because she’s beautiful. I think she finally realized that, and that is why she’s bitter now. The good news is I heard Black Widow was a really bad film.

    RG – Also yes. They worship leftism, and you could probably count the really good people in Hollywood on one hand. Chris Pratt, Gary Sinise… eh, now I’m blanking.

    Cathy – I see them often. Occasionally you see them from behind, think they’re twenty, and they turn around and they’re older than I am. It’s great to see.

    Mike AKA Proof – She takes one look at your blog and it’s over. Scarlett is just to the left of Bill Ayres.

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  5. Finally found a picture that wasn’t blurred out. The appear to be real and they are spectacular……..


  6. Heard a news story about ScarJo being preggers again by some guy from SNL and the headline was America’s Royal couple are expecting..can we stop putting these idiots on a pedestal and make them believe they are better than everyone else.


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