Welcome To The Show Shoot Me State

I don’t know about you guys, but when I go fishing, I usually leave the rod at home and bring my .357 magnum pistol. It’s much more sporting that way.

A northeast Missouri man is hospitalized after accidentally shooting himself while fishing.

Schuyler County Sheriff Joe Wuebker told KTVO the victim is Derek Shaw, 33, of Memphis, Missouri. The sheriff said Shaw was fishing alone on a family member’s farm when the shooting happened.

Shaw told investigators he was messing around with his .357 magnum when it accidentally discharged. The bullet from the handgun struck Shaw in the upper left chest area.

It’s both a miracle and a shame Shaw survived. Stupidity like this should have earned a Darwin Award.

4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Show Shoot Me State

  1. If I’m fishing in gator country (or wild boar here in TX as well) I’ll bring my 10mm. But I don’t “fool around with it” (read – spin it around on my finger) and shoot myself in my chest.


  2. Rudy – Responsible gun ownership. Just like here in Philadelphia.

    Cathy – Well you saw what that killer rabbit did to King Arthur’s men…


  3. The story left out the most important item. Did he catch anything? Well other than a stray round to the chest.


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