Ban The Bras, Or Something

It’s that time of year again, where “empowered, stunning and brave” women claim bras are a creation of the patriarchy, made solely to keep females down and their breasts up.

The pandemic allowed people all over the world to prioritize comfort over style and, in turn, enabled many women to do away with the uncomfortable and restricting bras they had come to resent. The push to make widespread bralessness a permanent fixture of modern life is surely meant to to liberate women from a tool used to oppress and objectify them for decades.

While I’m all for those who feel empowered by this change, as a busty woman who feels most comfortable wearing a bra (usually a wireless one, let’s be honest), I couldn’t help but feel excluded and frankly, inadequate to see countless outlets declare that bras should be banished and to watch bralessness trickle into 2021 fashion trends.

Good grief, this is such a pedantic article. Lady, no one cares if you wear a bra or not. Some guys may care if your boobs look great without a bra, but that’s about it. We glance briefly, then go on about our business. This is a problem that needs to be discussed among the womenfolk, and men like Diego, who absolutely needs a Manzier.

19 thoughts on “Ban The Bras, Or Something

  1. I don’t know how old this woman is but she needs to realize that everything heads south in both men and women as you age. If I wake up, it’s a good day.


  2. Ronni – Preaching to the choir. The worst part about the shoulder injury is I can’t go to the gym, and while I cycle almost every day, my upper body is getting a bit flabby. Still hovering at 185, though, so that’s a good thing.

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  3. It’s almost like there’s a drawing to see who can come up with the dumbest thing each day. If you’re flat or have a set of small boobs, then by all means go braless & enjoy being ignored by everyone except Rosie O or a soccer player. Otherwise, leave us with the big boobs alone. In other words: My body, my choice!


  4. Tennessee Ernie Ford once had a daytime talk show. Back during the days of “burn the bra”, ol’ Ern said something about “looking like a sack full of doorknobs”. Words to live by!


      1. Well, it was in a tasteless joke book that I bought 30 years & it disappeared (I think my big boss, who was in the Navy during Vietnam swiped it).

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  5. Just go topless and be done with it. Well, except all us old farts who have dreams of our youth and will stare. Then, once you’ve fulfilled your desire to show the world how liberated you are, you can buy a bra when your boobs are sagging to your knees from lack of support. I sure am glad I don’t care a bit about crap like this anymore.


    1. Sorry, I can’t remember anything after MelP saying she has big boobs. Then I look at Kate Beckinsale above and now I need some cold water.


  6. Big or small we like them all, we’ll stare at them our way
    We’ll take a chance at underboob glance so we can stare at them our way.
    Just let them sway and bounce all day just as long as we can stare at them our way.
    Wear a bra or none at all we’ll stare at them all day.

    and you just had to add this: Diego, who absolutely needs a Manzier
    dude his eye are up here and glazed over most likely.


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