The Bridge Over The River Die

Meet Jimmy Jennings of Lafayette, Louisiana. Jimmy is very, uh, “special,” and when he gets bored, he decides to do some rather idiotic things. Like, say, jumping off a bridge into a fast-moving river.

Jimmy Jennings of Lafayette is seen on video jumping from Interstate 10 in Butte La Rose on Friday into the Atchafalaya River below.

Jennings told KATC-TV he got the idea while he was stranded in standstill traffic on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge due to a 10-car pileup ahead.

While driving Kyle home from Texas, we were stuck on an Arkansas highway for an hour or so, and neither of us decided to run through the woods. Just put the seat back, turn on the radio, and just wait for the accident to clear.

“When I hit the water, my shoulder went up, I kind of hurt my shoulder, but I started swimming,” Jennings said. “I couldn’t get back to the bank because the current was way too strong.”

That’s because you’re a jackass who risked his own life, and the lives of the rescuers trying to find you.

What Jennings didn’t expect was a shoulder injury from the impact of hitting the water. Plus, the strong river current kept him from swimming directly to shore. The jump set off an hours-long search for Jennings.

One wonders how many emergency calls went unanswered because first responders were trying to locate this douche? Congratulations dude, you’re Internet infamous, and that’s not a good thing.

12 thoughts on “The Bridge Over The River Die

  1. I was on a SAR/Recovery for a Darwin Award Winner that leapt off the Deception Pass Bridge here in the People’s Republic of Washington State many years ago. 180 feet give or take from the deck to the water depending on the tides. Current runs at speeds up to 10 knots (11.5 mph). He did it on a bet with his buddy who was driving. Dude’s young son was in the back. Opened the passenger door, two steps and vaulted the railing. I’ve always wondered at what point he realized it was a really, really, really stupid idea. The moment he left the railing? The 74 mph impact with the water? The 3.5 seconds in between?


    1. I’ve been over the Deception Pass bridge several times. I wish I’d been on the beach below to have watched. Well, not really, but holy crap, that was a seriously dumb mistake. At least the guy did win a Darwin Award for his effort.

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  2. MelP – Good point. This guy looks really stringy.

    Mushdogs – I never liked jumping from the high dive at the pool Mrs. Earp belonged to, and that was when I was a twenty-something. Doing something like this? Nah, I don’t have a death wish.


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