“When They’re Dead, They’re Just Hookers”

A major drug death trial is about to commence in West Hollywood. Ed Buck, a powerful political donor, and close friend of the Clinton Crime Organization, is being charged with the deaths of two male prostitutes after injecting them with methamphetamine.

Federal prosecutors want to ask potential jurors whether they or any friends or relatives ever had a drug problem, or whether any close friends or relatives have been “drugged unknowingly” or against their will.

“Have you had a close friend or relative die of a drug overdose?” is among questions on the government’s proposed list of juror questions filed late Tuesday in Los Angeles federal court.

I almost overdosed on Chick-Fil-A a few years ago, but I was sent to a recovery center. Sadly, it only served Boston Market. Pass.

Other questions during voir dire, or jury selection, expected to begin Tuesday, include whether “you have any strongly held personal beliefs or opinions regarding prostitution? Do you believe that any adult who wants to pay for sexual activity with another adult should be able to do so?”

No problems there. I’ve been paying for sex since I was a teenager!

Potential jurors also could be asked if they hold any strong personal beliefs or opinions regarding homelessness, as well as individuals who may have broken the law and are cooperating with law enforcement by testifying.

Considering the state of the country’s police departments, I can honestly say I couldn’t care less whether or not anyone cooperates with police. I do, however, care about Ed Buck’s fate, since I am sure he will be found not guilty, because powerful Democrats are almost always able to avoid jail time.

6 thoughts on ““When They’re Dead, They’re Just Hookers”

  1. Ronni – He deserves life in prison, but I doubt he’ll be sentenced at all. Powerful people are put to different standards.

    Cathy – I’d say he’d be safe in prison, but Epstein….


  2. If this is happening in LA, yes there’s a pretty good chance he’ll get off (so to speak), since that city is the biggest in CA, a D stronghold & pretty much runs the rest of us.

    That being said, since the feds are involved, this might change the dynamics & if he starts singing to keep from going to prison, then yup, I can see a very short future ahead for him, ending with an Arkancide, Chicago style (I believe that’s where Hellary’s from).


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