Iran Really Enjoys Rice Krispies

The men of Kermanshah, Iran are simple folks who enjoy goat herding, soccer games, and apparently playing snap, crackle, pop with their penises.

If you find yourself near the Zagros Mountains, in Kermanshah, the largest Kurdish speaking city in Iran — and if you stay quiet — you may find yourself privy to a peculiar popping sound. What is it?

Merely the sound of men bending the top part of their erect penis to one side while holding the lower part of the shaft in place, until they hear a click or pop. This little-known practice is called “taqaandan,” which is Kurdish for “to click.” The practice, according to DNB Stories, leads to the rapid loss of an erection, accompanied by said loud “pop.”

In one hospital alone in Kermanshah, the largest Kurdish-speaking city in Iran, there were 172 cases of penile fractures.

Obviously, guys do a lot of things to and with their penis. That said, I have never heard of any man voluntarily fracturing his dingus. I simply cannot see the allure.

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