I Wanna Go Fast

Well, I know I abandoned everyone for a NASCAR race during the last weekend in June, but I’m afraid I’m abandoning you again this weekend. DHS should probably take my blog away from me.

For most of the pandemic, NASCAR wasn’t allowing fans into the tracks, which sucked. At the end of May. racetracks started opening up again. Pocono was not one of the tracks because our governor is a leftist a-hole. We searched for a race somewhat close, and decided to purchase tickets for the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. It’s about a six-hour ride, but it was the best we could do.

Shortly thereafter, Pocono decided to open up, so we got tickets to the Pocono race as well. My kids really like racing, and this was a chance to get them out of the house. The Pocono race was terrific, and it was Kevin’s first race. Today, the entire family will be at the track, and it will be Princess P and Mrs. Earp’s first race.

The only thing we’re concerned about is rain, as it’s in the forecast. Hopefully, they’ll get the races in – there are two today – and if it gets rained out, we would be able to get the same tickets for next year’s race… on the house.

Oh, I will have posts set up throughout the weekend.

2 thoughts on “I Wanna Go Fast

  1. MelP – I’m going to post about it Monday morning. The drive up was a nightmare, it was supposed to rain all weekend, and both races were great.


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