You’re Going The Wrong Way!

British police conducted a very awkward pursuit of a stolen vehicle in Hertfordshire Thursday, when the driver left the road and started traveling down railroad tracks.

A stolen vehicle was driven down railway tracks in front of stunned passengers to evade police in what a witness described as “like a scene from Grand Theft Auto”.

The black Land Rover Discovery was then abandoned on the track near Cheshunt railway station, Hertfordshire, having earlier sped away from a police stop.

Two officers were injured in the incident, which saw one of them thrown from the car. A hunt is under way for the driver.

The suspect was not captured, but he was offered a job as Thomas the Tank Engine’s engineer.

4 thoughts on “You’re Going The Wrong Way!

  1. I am stunned that somebody would run from the police in England. I have read that everyone is so polite that an unarmed policeman can flash a light from the sidewalk and cars will just pull over for them.


  2. Del – One of the funniest films ever made.

    RG – And keep an eye out for runaway trains.

    Ingineer – Well, that was also before the Muzzie invasion.


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