Deer Are Dumb

So imagine you just purchased a brand new Tesla. It’s immaculate, it’s trendy, and it’s all yours. Then imagine some idiot animal faceplants itself into the driver’s side door. Fun, huh?

This is a video of a baby deer running full clip into a parked Tesla. It’s a good thing there’s video evidence because I’m not sure their insurance would fully believe their explanation that they hit a deer while parked.

I’m certain the owner just loves the fact this deer slammed into his $40,000 electric car. If he was smart, he would have hunted down the deer and used its head as a hood ornament, as a lesson to others.

You can see the video below the fold…

The deer needs to see an optometrist.

9 thoughts on “Deer Are Dumb

  1. Living in Texas taught me a lot about deer. Cute rodents that will attack your vehicle if you disturb them while mating.


  2. We know this didn’t happen in CA. People with electric cars are being asked to not charge their cars to save power, so his car would’ve been safe in his garage.


  3. Cathy – I always worry one of these dopes will run out in front of the car.

    Mike AKA Proof – BOO!

    MelP – When we were headed to the New Hampshire race, I parked in an electric charging spot. It was the only space, and screw those hippies.


  4. Deer are stupid. Buddy driving home from work, only car on the road, boom! Deer slams through the passenger side window. Almost killed him with the buck’s antlers.

    I have almost been in the same boat. In a long line of cars heading North on Hwy. 75, I see a deer darting West across the field at full bore. I let off the gas and start hitting the brakes. Boom! a car six ahead of me hits the deer. Everyone stops. Three other accidents from people rear-ending each other.

    Thankfully only minor injuries, no fatalities.


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