She Wants To Get Him “Down Under”

An Australian nurse “collapsed” in front of a hunky Aussie police officer this week, and the purveyors of the internet think the stunt was a ruse to get a date with the officer. For the record, this has NEVER happened to me. Ever.

Dramatic footage of a nurse collapsing in front of a handsome police officer has the internet convinced the young woman had ulterior motives.

In CCTV uploaded by Facebook page Cop Humour on Wednesday, the young nurse is seen walking out of the hospital and across the car park.

As the woman walks past a parked police car she falls to the ground, prompting the young officer to come to her rescue. The nurse pulls herself to her feet she turns to face the approaching cop, leading many to believe the blunder was simply a clever ploy to catch his attention.

If so, she really laid it on thick, but I guarantee the police officer struck up a conversation at the very least. She certainly looks pretty enough from the few frames I’ve seen.

5 thoughts on “She Wants To Get Him “Down Under”

  1. Jenn – I almost thought it was you, but then I saw it was Australia.

    Ingineer – BOOM! Nicely played.

    Veeshir -Seizures? Pfft, they faked their own deaths!


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