The Best Of Times, The Blurst Of Times

As I mentioned previously, the entire family drove to New Hampshire to see two NASCAR races. The Saturday events were a NASCAR Modified race at 12:45pm and the NASCAR Xfinity race at 3pm. The trip was especially exciting because it was Mrs. Earp and Julia’s first live NASCAR race, and I was hoping they would like it.

The trip was supposed to take about six hours. Unfortunately for us, we hit New York City and Connecticut at the worst possible time. All the New Yorkers were headed to Connecticut beaches, and the traffic slowed to a crawl, at best. The Merritt Parkway sucks complete and total butt; it took us two hours to travel seventy-five miles. When we made it through the gauntlet we eventually stopped for a late dinner in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We selected Pizzeria Uno and quickly found out they were short on wait staff. It took nearly an hour to get our food.

We arrived at the hotel at midnight, instead of 6pm, to find some kids pulled the fire alarm. It took the fire department to come out and reset the system. Suffice to say, everyone was exhausted as we hit the beds…

Saturday was a rainy mess. The kids kept telling me the race would be postponed and the trip would be for nothing. As I was outside, I said a little prayer to the Lord, begging for us to at least see the first race. Amazingly, the rain stopped just before the first race and did not resume until an hour after the second race. It did, however, pour the entire ride home, but I was more than fine with that.

Both races were great. I never saw a Modified race before, and it was terrific. A NASCAR driver most of us liked ending up winning, but the pre-game festivities were a little odd. One girl sang God Bless America but not the National Anthem. In the second race, they sung the Anthem, but also sung the Canadian National Anthem, as well. I didn’t realize how close New Hampshire was to Canada, and there were Canadians at the track.

Julia went full baller by refused to wear earplugs. She claimed she needed to get used to it when she’s a rock guitarist. She, me, and Kyle avoided the ear protection, but everyone else had headphones of ear plugs. Julia really liked the races, and Mrs. Earp seemed to like it, but probably not as much as the rest of us. It also didn’t help the previous day’s ride was so exhausting.

Julia and Kevin bought a hat for their favorite drivers, we got free towels from the event, and everyone seemed to like the track, the races, and the people.

The ride home was a little rough because everyone was so tired. Mrs. Earp drove for about an hour after I started, then I drove the rest of the way home. Oh, and on another note, New Englanders drive like friggin’ maniacs. They cut right in front of you, they travel dozens of miles over the speed limit, and we had more than a few people drive on the shoulder to get past people. I mean Philly drivers are insane. but these people were psychopaths.

The return trip was about seven hours, probably because of the rain. Before we left, I bought a sandwich at a mini mart and it was awful. I hadn’t really eaten that much so I just ate the sandwich, and I was nauseous for the entire ride. I dropped into bed around 2am, ignored the 9am alarm and slept until 11am.

While the ride up wasn’t the greatest, New England is a very gorgeous region of the country. New Hampshire is especially nice, as was the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I’m glad the family had a good time, and I am especially glad the Big Guy Upstairs kept us virtually rain-free.

6 thoughts on “The Best Of Times, The Blurst Of Times

  1. It’s great you got to enjoy the races. I may be a displaced New Englander when it comes to driving. I don’t drive on the shoulders but I do view the speed limit as more of a suggestion than rule. Have only gotten one ticket and didn’t get that until I was 65. The policeman knocked it down 10mph so I wouldn’t get a huge fine.


  2. Glad you and the family enjoyed the day. Last time we made a road trip east, I was a basket case after driving through Connecticut. We survived, but not sure how. New England drivers are in fact pyschopaths. Living out west, I’d have to say the people of Denver are up to the challenge and rival them easily. Part of that problem is there are only three lanes in most areas and two in others, so there are too many cars for the infrastructure. In this area, if someone is pissed off at you, they normally just pull out a gun and start shooting. Seemed like in New England, they just run you off the road.


  3. Ronni – It was pouring rain on the way home and these clowns were swerving in and out of lanes at at least 70mph. I was relishing a four-car wreck, but alas, no dice.

    RG – Pretty much. The ones driving on the shoulder were the worst. I wanted to block them, but I assumed they would just plow into the car.


  4. Let this be a lesson to you, NEVER drive through NYC/CT unless you absolutely have to. I’m not too far from your neck o’ the woods, and I would NEVER take that route, unless I got on the road at 1am, and even that’s no guarantee you won’t, sit in traffic.


  5. You are totally correct about the crazy drivers up there. I used to visit a lab in Woburn, MA pretty frequently and always hated driving in the area. Half the time you were backed up in snail’s pace traffic or trying to keep pace with everyone going at least 20 – 30 miles over the speed limit. Just hope that you’re in the correct lane because no one will cut you a break and let you change. They don’t call those people Massholes for nothing…….


  6. Max – The other route was an eight-hour trip, and I was optimistic we would get to New Hampshire in six or seven hours. Lesson learned, though. Next time we’ll take the eight-hour route up through PA.

    Tam – Yeah, we found that out, too. Ironically, a driver in NYC let me in on the George Washington Bridge which shocked the hell out of me.


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