South Korean President Insulted By Japan

The South Korean president will not be attending the Tokyo Olympics after a Japanese diplomat mad a joke about masturbation concerning the president.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has decided to shun the Tokyo Olympics after a senior diplomat at Japan’s embassy in Seoul described the president’s faltering attempts to improve the relationship between the two countries as “masturbating.” The Tokyo visit would have seen Moon’s first summit with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, and there had been hopes that it could be a fresh start for the two rival nations.

However, the lewd comment infuriated the South Korean government, with its vice foreign minister, Choi Jong-kun, summoning Japan Ambassador Koichi Aiboshi to make a formal complaint over the weekend. “President Moon has decided not to visit Japan,” Moon’s press secretary Park Soo-hyun told a briefing, without specifically mentioning the “masturbation” comment.

I think this is a bit of a nothingburger, but I can also understand boycotting the Olympics. The president was just humiliated, and I’m sure the Japanese fans would love to pile on if he actually showed.

6 thoughts on “South Korean President Insulted By Japan

  1. It would almost be impossible to overstate how much bad history and sentiment Japan and Korea have built up for each other over the centuries. Japan directly occupied Korea from early on in the 20th century until the end of WWII and did many nasty things including forcing Korean teenage girls (6 figures worth) to serve as “comfort women” for the Imperial Japanese military.

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    1. I agree on plenty of bad blood between the two countries, but come on it’s been 70 years. They need to unite in their resolve against China. This would be like us and England still being pissed at each over the Revolutionary war for the atrocities they committed here. Hell we have practically made Vietnam a US territory and they beat us in a war less than 50 years ago.


      1. It may have been 70 years since then but they have been arguing over that issue and others ever since. The surviving victims and their families have been trying to get some kind of payback for a long time. Even just recently (2019 to present) they have been in court. It is still a hot issue for them.

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  2. Loki – I’m a big WWII guy and I read about that during McArthur’s return to the Philippines.

    Ingineer – Probably a good idea, too. Give a united front against the ChiComs.

    Cathy – And professional wrestling.


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