She Brought Her Own Inflatable Devices

Meet Heather A. Kennedy of Charlotte County, Florida. Heather doesn’t appreciate the climate of her home state, so occasionally she decides to swim in other people’s pools. Oh, did I mention she does so without clothes?

A Florida woman is accused of skinny-dipping in a stranger’s pool and refused multiple requests to leave, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

Heather A. Kennedy, 42, is facing charges of trespass in structure or conveyance and resisting an officer without violence. The homeowner told deputies he returned home and noticed a naked stranger in his pool after spotting clothing scattered across the lanai.

Deputies said when they arrived at the Cambridge Drive home Kennedy was hostile toward officers and told them to leave her alone.

In my twenty-six years in police work, I can honestly say Heather would have been the most attractive naked woman I have ever seen if she lived in Philadelphia. Think about that.

7 thoughts on “She Brought Her Own Inflatable Devices

  1. Homeowner must be a real Karen…where’s the harm? She’ll leave eventually (or drown). He could have just recorded it for posterity (pun intended), and had a story for the ages with proof…


  2. Cathy – Yeah, I haven’t seen many supermodels in my time as a police officer.

    Doc – I agree. If someone did that at my house, I would crack open a beer and enjoy the show.

    Rudy – Nicely played.


  3. Mushdogs – It’s a shame we didn’t get a full-sized photo of this chick to better appreciate the merchandise.

    MelP – She’s Batman!


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