True Detective Stories

So yesterday a gaggle of bosses were congregating around my desk talking about the state of the department. I almost always ignore those conversations, because 1. it’s boring, and 2. there’s nothing we can do to fix this police force.

The conversation continues, and one of the bosses claims the city’s manpower is much worse than we were told. The department always claims we have a 6,000 member police department. No one believes that statistic, because it’s 100% false. Between officers who are injured on duty, posted to irrelevant “teat jobs,” and those under investigation, we’re actually looking at 5,000. At least that’s what I thought…

According to the bosses, the city is looking at a 4,500 person force in a year or so, and they believe we may be closer to 3,500-4,000. This for a city of two million people. There are now approximately one thousand officers – including myself – on the early retirement list. The city just opened a recruit class of… forty-eight people. There are no signs of a large recruit class anytime soon, and no one wants the job. Nor should they.

We’re also hearing the city will dumb down the qualifications, and start allowing people who previously used drugs to enter the academy. The bosses said 2022-23 will be a nightmare because manpower will be at its lowest levels in decades.

Now I have no doubt this will be the scenario, especially because the bosses who were talking all have time on the job, and are all good people. I can’t see them talking out their butt to raise eyebrows; plus, I’ve seen the retirement list. It’s huge.

The city wanted to defund the police, and when they decided to head in this direction they completely lost all the good cops. As of yesterday, we have earned 311 homicides, and July isn’t even over yet. Imagine what this place will look like a year from now.

8 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. This is the sort of stuff that makes me want to cry for my long lost country. I do still love her, but I despise her government with all my heart and soul and the governments of all the large dying cities.

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  2. RG – I honestly don’t care all that much about America anymore. The country is dying, and it’s the fault of the politicians. I’ll leave this city and find some quiet town where I can be left alone.


    1. Having recently moved, I now live in exactly such a town. Unfortunately, it is still within Colorado, which is as blue as they come, but the neighborhood and town are probably 95% red. The new county probably 80% red. Cops here don’t put up with that blm/antifa shit at all and the citizens support them. When the cops drive down my street, everyone outside waves to them. The whole neighborhood here has thin blue line flags and blue lights for a front porch light. I love this place! Two months in and I wish I’d lived here the last 44 years instead of my cold hearted Demoncrat neighborhood of old where it was so blue you couldn’t see red anywhere.


    2. Forgot to mention, I have one neighbor to the west, open space on the south, a farmers wheat field to the east, and a round cul-de-sac to the north with houses on the other side. Very cool! The town has an 8 person police force, with a large county sheriff’s department for backup.


  3. Cathy – Which is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll never live in a big city ever again, but I need the family to agree on a state/town.


  4. Maybe it’s time to do what a doctor would do with a wound that is so bad the only way to save the healthy area is to just cut off/out the dead area. Might be time to just cut out some of these cities and just let them die but keep what killed them walled inside.


  5. So thankful I live in a small town in Iowa. There are no murders, almost no theft. The biggest crime is speeding. The upside and downside is that everyone knows everyone but I would rather have that than crime any day.


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