Okay, I Laughed Out Loud

Remember a year ago, when a gaggle of Hollywood frauds made commercials claiming “We’re all in this together?” Then they went beck to their lavish lifestyles, ran around without masks, and otherwise lived their lives as usual? Well, for those actors still working, life is going to be a bit more cumbersome.

Hollywood studios have received the green light to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for on-set work thanks to a new agreement with the unions that will potentially force tens of thousands of actors and crew members to get the vaccine if they wish to work in the industry.

Hollywood’s unions — including SAG-AFTRA, the Teamsters, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), and other craft guilds — have reached a tentative agreement with studio representatives on COVID-19 safety guidelines, including a section that allows productions to mandate vaccinations, according to a statement sent to multiple news outlets.

“Producers will have the option to implement mandatory vaccination policies for casts and crew in Zone A on a production-by-production basis,” the statement said.

Look at it this way, Hollywood; now we are really in this together. You clowns will be forced to get the vaccine, and possibly deal with some of the side effects attached to it. I wish you good luck. *Not really.

7 thoughts on “Okay, I Laughed Out Loud

  1. If you must get the “vaccine,” get the Pfizer. They make viagra. If they can raise the dead, they can protect the living.

    (Yeah, I know I posted it before, but it is funny enough to deserve a rerun.)

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  2. Veeshir – I looked for the most smug actress I could find, and Anne Hathaway was the perfect choice. I’ll bet she’s losing her mind.


  3. Gee I wonder if they will suddenly start screaming It’s my body my choice. Since being Pro-choice is for them deciding what to do with their body and the Government can’t tell you what you can or can’t do to your body. What flavor popcorn goes with watching the left turn on and eat themselves?


  4. Gary – I thought about that after I wrote the article. Now they’ll claim they have the right to do what they want with their bodies, but us peons do not have the same choice.

    Ronni – Absolutely correct. Enjoy the vaccinations, clowns.


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