Everything Old Is New, Yet Again

A few years ago, my dermatologist decided to retire. The doc was amazing, and caught a few spots of skin cancer while he was treating me. I never switched to another doctor in the practice, mostly because the Chinese Wuhan Virus meant appointments were few and far between.

I finally went back on Friday. I needed my psoriasis checked and figured I needed a skin cancer sweep. After prescribing the psoriasis medicine, the doctor took a look around. He wants to remove a cyst at the top of my head – fun – and before I left, he asked about the nick above my left eye.

You see, I had Mohs surgery about ten years ago for a three-inch long patch of skin cancer. It took an hour and twelve stitches, but it was worth it to be cancer-free.

When the doc was looking at it, he deadpanned, “It looks like your cancer has returned.”

The doc sliced off a piece of the skin and sent it to the lab to see if it is actually cancer, or just a false alarm. The doc thinks it is leaning toward cancer, but who knows? He also said if you get skin cancer, your chances of getting it again is ten-fold.

So, I’ll be stressing out for a week or so and I’ll let you know when the biopsy results come in. The cancer I had isn’t usually fatal, but the fact of getting this again is frustrating.

7 thoughts on “Everything Old Is New, Yet Again

  1. Cathy – This likely isn’t fatal, but it’s scary nonetheless. Last time they did the surgery, I ended up with a dozen stitches. Not a fun day.


  2. I didn’t enjoy the Mohs procedure, but I’m thinking that I wouldn’t enjoy dying from cancer one little bit.
    It’s true that time slows down while you are waiting for those sort of lab results.
    You did the right thing and got looked at.

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  3. The Lord uses trials to teach us patience. Wyatt, by the time you retire, you may be the most patient man in Tennessee…or Arizona, or wherever you end up. Look on the bright side! In another world, Diego could have gone to medical school and been your dermatologist!

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  4. Ronni – Thanks. I bled a lot the last time, but if it’s necessary, then I’ll do it.

    John – The psoriasis meds he gave me are working amazingly, at least.

    Mike AKA Proof – Could you imagine? He’d tell me to throw out the meds and start eating pizza or some such thing.

    RG – Thanks. The good news is Thursday will likely be my last round of physical therapy. Shoulder feels amazing!

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