Princess P Paints Pretty Perfectly

So, after twelve years with a pink bedroom, Princess P has decided she wanted to make a change. She was getting tired of the old color, and started getting rid of items she either didn’t want or were “too old” for.

She looked at more than a few colors, ranging from green to blue, but at the last minute she decided to go with gray. This may or may not have something to do with her hard rock, heavy metal music phase she’s embraced.

Considering her affinity for art, she demanded she paint the walls – with the help of Mrs. Earp. Princess P did much of the walls, and while she made a few mistakes – including dropping paint on her comforter – she did a pretty impressive job.

We weren’t going to do the ceiling, because it didn’t look terrible, but Julia put a few small splashes up there, so I’ve decided to paint the ceiling. It’s a real pain to do, but if we’re going to paint the room, we might as well do it right. I’m proud she decided to help paint her room, and I think she did very well.

5 thoughts on “Princess P Paints Pretty Perfectly

  1. Your princess is becoming an independent young woman. It’s nice she got to choose the color and help with the painting. Painting can be quite a chore at times.


  2. Ronni – Thank you. My brother-in-la gave her a guitar, and she is learning to play off the internet. I want to tape her playing some songs and track her progress. Between Krav maga, dance, painting, and guitar, she’s had a very busy summer.


  3. I imagine Mrs. Earp is quite busy as well. Give her a serious attaboy from and old geezer out west. You and she have raised a fine young woman. I admire that a great deal.


  4. She can paint, dance, play guitar & kick -ass. Now all she needs is to understand the basics of car repair & she is perfect.


  5. RG – Can do. The ceiling was a bear, and it was ungodly hot in her room, but it’s done. Mrs. Earp is doing the trimming tomorrow and we’ll be done.

    Cathy – Exactly. I barely know where to put the gas.


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