Things Are Gettin’ Real

You may remember a post from two weeks ago where the Texas House Speaker planned on issuing arrest warrants for Democrats who fled the state. The Democrats did so to block a vote on secure elections.

The first arrest warrant has been issued.

Texas state House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) this week signed the first warrant directed at state Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C., to prevent a vote on a controversial election bill.

Phelan signed a civil warrant Sunday for Rep. Philip Cortez, The Washington Post reported on Monday.

This may shock you, but Cortez doesn’t seem to care that he’s a wanted man.

Cortez initially left Texas with fellow Democratic state legislators on July 12 but went back in what he said was an attempt to work with Republicans on the legislation opposed by Democrats. Cortez returned to Texas on Wednesday to negotiate with Republicans before he fled the state for a second time.

The July 12 exodus by state Democrats has forced House members to come to the floor every day and request special permission from Phelan to leave. Cortez made such a request after he returned to Texas, and Phelan said he would grant permission if Cortez promised to come back.

However, he left the state again on Sunday and returned to D.C.

Arrest the son of a bitch, and keep him under house arrest. It’s the only way these bastards will learn.

5 thoughts on “Things Are Gettin’ Real

  1. Must be nice to be an elected official and not have to worry about missing work for umpteen days just because you didn’t like the way your co-workers were handling things and they had the upper hand. We hard working folks would be fired in a hot minute!! Get back to work you bunch of sissies!!


    1. Texas only pays their legislature members for the days the House & Senate are in session. That is every other year, unless called back into a special session by the governor. Even then I think they are overpaid.


  2. Just replace the Texas Demoncrats with the USA women’s soccer team, then at least the whining would be a little more entertaining. Plus, it would be way more fun watching the women get arrested instead of a bunch of sissies nobody has ever heard of.


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