Feelin’ Alright…

Thursday was a pretty important day.

My day started with an appointment with my optometrist, and you may remember a month ago when I posted about my original eye exam. The doctor said I had pressure building in my right eye, and I needed to come back for another exam. The doctor said the pressure may lead to glaucoma, and I have been freaking out about it ever since.

Anyway, I arrived at the optometrist, they put me through a few tests, dropped some drops into my eyes, took photos of the inside of the eyes, and checked the pressure of the right eye. The pressure number was 22 during the first exam, and Thursday’s number was 20, which was good news. The cornea still looks okay, and while the optometrist will monitor the pressure, it looks like I’ll be okay for the time being…

Last Friday, I posted about my dermatologist appointment, where the doctor took a biopsy sample of my forehead. He believed my skin cancer returned, and sent it off to the lab. The cancer I was suffering from is usually not fatal, but when you get it once, you are ten times likely to get it again. They dropped the sample into a jar and sent it off to the lab.

The doc said they would let me know if it was cancerous, and so far, I haven’t heard back. They did say they wouldn’t call if it was benign, and after a week, I “think” this is good news. We’ll see.

Finally, Thursday was my last day at physical therapy! My first appointment was May 27th, and I went twice a week for ten weeks. To be brutally honest, I didn’t think they could fix my shoulder, and I was resigned to the fact I would need the surgery.

Good grief, was I completely wrong.

The people at ATI Physical Therapy were amazing. My therapist, Joe Murray, was great. He explained everything in plain English, always challenged me, and pushed me when I needed to be pushed. He even had me bring in my lacrosse stick every day, so we could work on me getting back to being able to throw with the kids.

Joe told me Thursday would likely be my graduation day, and as a gift, he kicked my butt on Tuesday. Weightlifting, push-ups, band training, you name it. I was so exhausted I started falling asleep in the basement. He told me on Thursday that he needed to see how hard I could push myself, and I passed with flying colors.

I worked hard every day, did the exercises at home, and ten weeks later, I am back to 100%. I can throw a lacrosse ball at top speed, I can pick up items with no issues, I can draw my pistol without screaming, and the shoulder is stronger than ever. Joe doesn’t think I need surgery at this point, and I agree.

I bought Joe a SJU Lacrosse shirt to thank him for everything, and if I am going to be completely humble, I never thought I would be able to throw a lacrosse ball again. These people quite literally saved my life, and I owe them a debt I can never repay.

14 thoughts on “Feelin’ Alright…

  1. I’m happy for you and for your family! Hope you have many more years on this planet, soon in a place other than Philly. Congrats on all the good news.

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  2. Outstanding!
    Glad to hear things are on the upswing for you. Chronic pain truly sucks to live with and it’s great you won’t have to go under the knife.


  3. That is very cool. Physical therapists are miracle workers. I was looking at scheduling shoulder surgery about 7 years ago. Opted to try a cortisone shot and a bunch of therapy and so far no surgery and I have full range of motion.

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  4. Mushdogs – I asked my therapist about the torn bicep and labrum. He said oftentimes they tear again even after surgery. Said as long as I don’t have pain, I shouldn’t have any trouble. I expect to head back to the gym next week.

    Ingineer – I still can’t believe I can do the things I can do. Ten weeks, and I’m a new person.

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  5. Way to go, du…wait a minute, you’re a new person? Does that mean we’ve lost our sarcastic lawdog? or you’re just a new & improved version?


  6. MelP – Yeah, I’m not a 6’2″, 185 pound Adonis who cannot keep the ladies off me. (How’s that for sarcasm?)

    RD – Thanks. It’s nice to not be in terrible pain all day and night.


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