Your Olympic Dudes O’ The Day

Yes, I know this isn’t the Olympic babe O’ The Day, but Jenn – who is a terrific friend – asked for a post for the ladies. Since I can never say no to here, I figured I’d post something for the ladies.

First up is American swimmer Bobby Finke, who won a gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle.

There are more athletes below the fold…

Next up is Rhys McClenaghan, an gymnast from Ireland. He is the first Irish gymnast to compete and win a medal in the European championships.

Last, but not least, here is Vincent Riendeau, a 24-year old diver from Montreal, Canada who obviously would like to take Jenn out to dinner.

I’m guessing Vincent would be the only item on the menu. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Your Olympic Dudes O’ The Day

  1. Jenn – I’d guess you’d have kids who would burst into flames when the sun comes out. Just like Julia and Kyle.

    Cathy – You’re very welcome.


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