Ohio Has A Lovely Glow This Year

If you live in Ohio, and wondering where your shipment of radioactive materiel has gone, have we got news for you!

Apparently, the Ohio shippers, um, lost track of the material, and just sat around hoping it would turn up.

Radioactive material reported missing in Ohio that had been en route to a facility in Michigan has been safely recovered.

The Ohio Bureau of Radiation Protection said the carrier found the material July 23, and it relayed the information to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission immediately. The source material was properly packaged and protected, and was in the possession of the carrier at all times, according to a statement from Alicia Shoults, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Health.

Sure, they know that NOW, but they had no idea where it was for a few days.

The Ohio Department of Health had been notified by Prime NDT Services of Ohio that a source of Iridium-192 was shipped through an unidentified carrier on July 12 from its facility in Strasburg, Ohio, intended for a facility in Michigan, the NRC said. It had not yet arrived at its destination on July 20 and was believed to be in Tennessee.

Because any decent transporter would leave Ohio, travel south through Tennessee then back north to Michigan. Next time we go to the Outer Banks, we’ll head north to Boston, west to Ohio, then southeast to North Carolina. Imagine the time we’ll save!

12 thoughts on “Ohio Has A Lovely Glow This Year

  1. That there is an Ohio Bureau of Radiation Protection just makes me shake my head…that’s as stupid as a Nuclear-free zone sign in my hometown what the explosion will see the sign and stop.


  2. Cathy – When I got out of college, I took the ATF test. Did fairly well, but in hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t get a call.

    Gary – Exactly. Toxic Waste Bureau, I can see.

    BTW, is that an A-10 as your avatar?


      1. Before our douche Governor (Ed Rendell) closed Willow Grove NAS, they would fly over our neighborhood a few times a week. It’s my and my kids favorite fighter. Just an awesome plane.


    1. Sounds like they sent it Fed Ex or US Postal Service. They have both had horrible delivery service the last year and a half.


  3. Mr. Moore, Wyatt has my e-mail address. I’d love a copy of it.

    My ride doing my duty was a submarine, but the Warthog is my favorite aircraft.


  4. Actually, these “Missing Radioactive Material” reports are not that uncommon. I remember seeing reports a couple times a year in the 1990’s, usually about stolen well logging equipment from a well services truck. A lot of specialized services use radioactive material. Some are more dangerous than others. This sounds like a Radiographic Source for X-Raying Welds in Pipes and Vessels. That can be very dangerous if it is removed from its housing. Remember they shoot X-rays through Big, Thick, Steel Things with these. Dangerous as in direct close exposure to the source for an hour and you may die. As long as it is kept in the housing, it is very safe.

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