Seattle Mayor Comes Crawling Back

Jenny Durkan, the incompetent mayor of Seattle, has decided to push for more police officers, a year after she proudly proclaimed the city needed to defund the police.

As Seattle residents reel from one of the deadliest weekends in recent memory, Mayor Jenny Durkan is sounding the alarms. She says the city needs more police, a message she’s been reticent to deliver publicly due to toxic politics and a militant activist base.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Go f**k yourself, Jenny.

Thanks to a defund movement that is still alive and well, the Seattle Police Department is down nearly a third of its force. And the city is left without the law enforcement support it needs to keep residents safe. Combined with prosecutors who lean into far-left views that the criminal justice system is racist, so they won’t prosecute, criminals are running wild with little fear of consequences for their deadly behavior.

Durkan’s message is not only too little, too late, but it’s falling on deaf ears as the Seattle City Council continues its defunding efforts. Next week the Council is expected to reroute some $14 million from the Seattle Police Department budget. (H/T – MelP)

Most of the big blue cities followed Durkan’s lead, and worked diligently to defund the police. Most of those cities were rewarded with skyrocketing rates of shootings and homicides. One year later, the same cities are begging for new police officers, but no one wants the job anymore. Why would they?

I’d like to feel sorry for these cities, but as someone who lives in one of these terrible blue cities, I think the entire situation is hilarious. This is what you voted for. Own it.

5 thoughts on “Seattle Mayor Comes Crawling Back

  1. The problem isn’t just the politicians, it’s the voters that put them in office. This situation isn’t going to be fixed until the voters realize that it isn’t the politicians that got them in this mess, it’s the prog/statist/leftist policies.

    They need to get rid of the policies from both the politicians and the public school indoctrination systems that promote them.


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  2. Rudy – Agreed. I don’t believe for one minute their city council will change their minds. It is, however, hilarious listening to that bint begging for new officers after she trashed them for over a year.

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  3. She can bring back as many as she likes. Doesn’t matter at this point.
    HB 1310, penned by a retard freshman senator and signed into law by our f***tard Governor that reads like a BLM wet dream is now in effect. Officers are unable to enforce laws already on the books. Last week they let a psycho out of the loony bin, he stole a bus (wearing a yellow a couple towns over. Local deputies couldn’t pursue. Next county couldn’t pursue. He abandons the bus, disappears and a day or two later steals a front end loader and rams it and a car into his estranged wife’s house. Now they could arrest him. Thank God she wasn’t home.
    This crap is going to get good people killed. Citizen and LEO.
    We have elderly parents to look to here, otherwise we’d start looking elsewhere and will when it’s time.
    Effing Democrats, libtards and Californians have killed this beautiful state.

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    1. I have a few friends in the area and I before them to leave. Sadly, they’re staying, and eventually Seattle will just be another war zone.


  4. Minneapolis was sued by some semi-sane ex city councilors and others for not having sufficient police manpower to meet the City Charter* requirements after about 230 retired.. Amazingly the judge sided with them, and now Minneapolis has to hire and train about 110 cops by July 1, 2022.

    *Unless the voters decide to amend the City Charter by Referendum this Fall. They would get rid of the “police” entirely if it passes, and replace them with a Safety Department, and more oversight from the clueless city councilors.

    Either way, I am glad I live 30 miles from Minneapolis, and my parents moved to assisted living just as far as I am.


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