Anti-American Bint Will Ruin Economy

Ilhan Omar, the anti-American sow who married her brother, has decided the U.S. economy isn’t plummeting quickly enough, so she is proposing a bill demanding “guaranteed income” for everyone.

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar introduced two guaranteed income bills on Friday, aimed at sending $1,200 monthly checks to most Americans before the end of the decade, according to reports.

You do understand where the money will come from, right? It will come from the wealthy and the middle class. Our taxes will skyrocket, and working people will be paying for the scrubs who refuse to get a job.

The SUPPORT Act would fund current local guaranteed income pilot programs around the country through a $2.5 billion grant program and findings would be taken between 2023 and 2027 toward the formation of a national program.

Starting in 2028, the national program would send $1,200 per month for people making less than $75,000 a year or heads of household making less than $112,500 a year plus $600 for each child.

We already cannot get people to work thanks to the illegitimate president’s free money giveaways. What will the job market look like once this idiotic bill passes? The country will shut down, the economy will crash, and we’ll be suffering through another Great Depression.

9 thoughts on “Anti-American Bint Will Ruin Economy

  1. I laugh at the lowball start of $2.5 billion. Even Andrew Yang said such a program would end up costing almost $3 trillion annually. I don’t know how the upper and middle class could sustain it. What a joke that the media does not call anyone out on this.


  2. The dems are great at spending money with no accountability. I believe Omar truly hates this country. Wish she move to wherever she thinks it would be better rather than trying to remold the US.


  3. Jimbob – The media is in on it as well. There is really no free press in America anymore. And you’re right, this will bankrupt the upper and middle class, which is what the left wants.

    Ronni – No doubt. She despises America, so she became a politician to ruin the country.


  4. What was it that Margaret Thatcher said? Oh, yeah “the problem with socialism is that eventually you’ll run out of other people’s money”. Eventually, they’re going to have to go after the movie stars, newscasters & everyone else that has $.

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  5. OTOH, what if all her scatterbrained proposals, which are guaranteed not to pass, but to appeal to her unemployed, undereducated migrant constituents, who will keep her employed with a cushy salary and lifestyle for years?
    “Vote for me! Look what I tried to get you!”


  6. Don’t Worry,

    The money of the very rich, and the large Corporations are safe. They will not be affected by any insane government spending. that is why the have entire Corporate Tax Law firms working for them. GE, Google and Amazon will pay less in taxes than their janitorial staff will.

    But the money of the middle class and working poor? You are f—ed! You have no actual representation in Congress. The best you can hope for is a Bernie Sanders type who will take all your money and (maybe) the Rich Folks money too. Except we all know Bernie can be bought off, his four mansions are ample evidence, along with his choreographed swan dives to the canvas in the 2016 and 2020 Democrat Primaries.


  7. MelP – No, then the bill will be repealed. We can’t have our betters in Hollywood pay money to the poors.

    Mike AKA Proof – That describes most politicians, even the GOPers. They promise everything, but deliver nothing.

    RD – That’s why I’m likely done with voting. The system is rigged, and there are maybe three or four GOP politicians I actually trust.


  8. It will be amusing when inflation really kicks in, as in Zimbabwe. The monthly refill of an EBT card will last a couple of days before it is zero.

    Bad thing is, everyone but the rich and politicians (did I repeat myself?) will hurt just as badly.


  9. TXNick – Most Hollywood types spend their money like it’s going out of style. Many of them will be fine, but there will be more than a few who go bankrupt. Plus, no one sees movies in theaters anymore – or watches them at all – and that’ll make a dent in their bank accounts.

    The Black Widow film tanked. No one wanted to see it, and those who did said it was awful.


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