Oh, Canada!

The arrogant, woke, leftist members of the United States women’s soccer team suffered a semifinal loss to Canada, assuring the U.S. will not win a gold or a silver medal. It was a beautiful thing to behold.

There will be no gold medal chance for the U.S. women’s soccer team at the Tokyo Olympics after they went down to Canada early Monday morning.


The 1-0 victory was the first by the Canadians against their U.S. neighbor since 2001. A second-half penalty delivered for Canada as it upset the four-time Olympic women’s football champions in Kashima to reach the final for the first time.

It was the second time in a row the much-vaunted United States team has been pushed out of medal contention at the Olympics. At the 2016 Games, it was defeated by Sweden in the quarterfinals.

NBC was gracious enough to replay the game Monday afternoon, and I saw the final moments. It was hilarious. There may be more pleasurable scenes than watching that c-word Megan Rapinoe making excuses for their loss, but I cannot think of any at the moment.

Good luck trying to win a bronze medal, losers. I sincerely hope Australia destroys this team, and the despicable anti-American players who comprise it.

11 thoughts on “Oh, Canada!

  1. It gets better, Glen (oops sorry, I meant Gwen) Berry placed 4th in the hammer throw, so she won’t have to listen to the eee-vil American anthem.

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  2. It bothers me a great deal to root against a team representing America. But… this team doesn’t represent America, or any country for that matter. They represent only themselves. I relish in their humiliation and hope the come back with NO medal at all. These ingrates hate America and hate me personally. For that matter, they hate all of the readers of this blog too. With all that in mind, I laughed out loud when I first heard of their most recent loss. To the Women’s Soccer team representing only themselves, may the farce be with you all the way to the spectators section of the awards ceremony. To Megan, for the record, I would NEVER pay you on a scale equal to most men. I wouldn’t pay you on a scale to most women either. I don’t particularly think you’re even worth minimum wage. Go pound sand.


    1. Now, now, Me Again sits on the boards for both Subway (which may explain why their sandwiches taste of stale sweat & disappointment) & Victoria’s Secret.


  3. MelP – The New York Post claims she finished eleventh, not fourth. That’s even more hilarious. Almost as funny as Biles winning a bronze. Way to go, dummy.

    RG – At this point, I do not expect to post an American on the Olympic Babe O’ The Day. Most of the ones I’ve seen are awful, woke, or worse. Athletes representing a country they despise has no interest to me.


  4. Other than that POS Rapinoe on the soccer team and the women in shotput and hammer, every other US athlete that I have watched has been proud to represent the USA and behaved appropriately. Of course NBC has been all woke all the time, but the kids that are competing are doing what’s right.


  5. I said I was glad when they got beat by Sweeden and joked I hope they get knocked out by another overly “white” country like Canada..maybe I should get a lottery ticket?

    Oh Canada our friends from Northern lands, you beat the woke and made them choke they will not be on a medal stand.


  6. Ingineer – I haven’t watched much, but I know the US Soccer team has been pretty arrogant and very woke the last few years. Most of that comes from that Rapinoe pig.

    Gary – It would be perfect if they lost to Australia.


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