The Honeymoon Is Apparently Over

It only took seven months, but the favorability of the illegitimate president and his illegitimate vice-president have cratered.

it’s official: America doesn’t much like Vice President Kamala Harris. And they aren’t that hot on President Joe Biden, either. According to a running graph by YouGovAmerica, Harris’ unpopularity hit 49%, while her popularity hovers at 45%.

I find it highly dubious that the American people would reject a dementia-addled “president” who won by rampant fraud and a vice-president who slept her way to a Senate seat.

Harris’ poor numbers match those of her boss, President Joe Biden. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll showed at least 52% of likely voters disapprove of Biden’s work in the White House. What’s more, 42% said they “strongly disapprove” of the Biden presidency, while just 26% said they “strongly approve” of his presidency.

I’m no politics expert, but my guess is skyrocketing inflation, ridiculous gas prices, and ignoring the border crisis has a lot to do with it. Also, Joe Biden is a terrible person who is corrupt to the core.

Many of the polls on the Biden-Harris team have been drifting downward about rising inflation and a new outbreak of a COVID-19 variant, just weeks after Biden declared the pandemic all but over. In a Morning Consult-Politico poll released last week, 47% of registered voters said they had an unfavorable view of Harris, while 45% had an unfavorable view of Biden.

It’s obvious why people hate Harris. She’s unlikeable, arrogant, and has accomplished nothing in her four years as a United States senator. Plus, she’s a hoor.

12 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Is Apparently Over

  1. I’d laugh about this normally, it falls into a comedic category, but it’s also a nightmare, since they were both sworn into office. I hope all the never Trumpers are enjoying watching the country burn just because they didn’t like one guy and decided to keep their mouths shut when they watched the rampant fraud occurring that stole the election from the American people. I’m with Ronni enjoying watching them sink, but the problem is, they are taking all of us with them.

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  2. If they’re reporting this, I wonder what the real numbers look like.
    She couldn’t get 10% favorability in the Dem primaries, how low is she really now that non-Dems are getting to know her and her cackle?
    If she’s above 5%, they must have exclusively polled newsrooms.

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  3. Veeshir – The woman didn’t win one delegate in the primaries, she was universally hated by the police in California as AG, and she slept her way to a Senate Seat. She has a terrible personality, and she cackles t uncomfortable questions. I’d be surprised if her real numbers were over 5%.

    TXNick – BOOM!


  4. KamKam’s biggest problem is that she’s never had to work hard for anything her entire life (hell, she probably just laid there while Willie did all the work). That’s why she sunk so fast in the primaries & isn’t doing anything now as VP. I also think Dr* Jill and/or Pete might be behind the leaks about how worthless she seems to be. I say how because I don’t trust the news.

    My guess is she’ll be out by 2024 (probably kicking & screaming while holding on to the curtains) & replaced with whatever pretty thing the D’s find next.


      1. Nick not and the image I want in my head….and send me an email at garymoore253@gmail and I will send you the A-10 photo


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