Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Meet Anastasija Babović, a 20-year old handball player representing Montenegro at the Tokyo Games.

Anastasija is the goaltender for the Olympic team, and she’s actually a very impressive player considering her age.

Anastasija Babović (born 13 December 2000) is a Montenegrin female handball player for ŽRK Budućnost, and the Montenegrin national team.

She represented Montenegro at the 2020 European Women’s Handball Championship and is currently competing in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

As of Monday, Montenegro was in third place in their bracket, with a 2-2 record. Much of that likely has to do with Anastasija being inside the goal.

There are more photos below the fold…

Yes, Anastasija is a pretty face, but she’s also a terrific athlete.

On Anastasija’s Instagram account, she wrote she stopped 56% of all shots that game for her club team. Those are ridiculous numbers for handball.

It’s bikini season in Montenegro, dontchaknow?

The ensemble here is fabulous, but the high boots caught my eye first.

Good luck in the Tokyo Games, Anastasija. Play hard, play well.

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