So Much For Feelin’ Alright

Yesterday was my last day of work for two weeks. I am now on vacation, and I couldn’t be happier.

Well, that’s not entirely the case, since I received some news as I walked through the door.

Mrs. Earp was waiting for me, and as I dropped my bag on the floor, she said, “The dermatologist called. You need to make an appointment.” I replied, “Cancer is back?,” and she said yes.

About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Basal-cell cancer. It was located at the top left part of my forehead, right near the hairline. The surgery was not fun; I bled a lot, and the surgeon slices off sections, tests to see if they’re cancerous, and slices off more skin until the cancer is out. After the first surgery, I walked out with twelve stitches in my forehead.

It seems Basal-cell cancer likes to come back for encores, and it decided to party on my forehead. Again. Despite the fact I try to keep my head covered when it’s really hot out. The cancer is almost never fatal, but the fact it returned is stress-inducing.

Obviously, I’ll make an appointment tomorrow, and hope they can hold off until after my vacation. I had to sit out of work for a few days last time, because of the stitches. I’ll keep you all updated.

My appointment is set for September 29th. Earliest day I could get.

19 thoughts on “So Much For Feelin’ Alright

  1. Ronni – Thanks. We’re not going anywhere, except for a couple of day trips, but it’ll be nice to be away from work.

    RG – Thanks. Not the new I needed when I came home from work, but whatever.


  2. Very sorry to hear this. Will be praying for you.
    When people ask you about the bandage and stitches, tell them it’s from Philly Fight Club, and you can’t talk about it. Keep that air of mystery going.

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  3. Mike AKA Proof – Today’s cavity appointment went well. No pain. The dermatologist called later to schedule my surgery… on September 29th. So… yay. It’s still good to be away from work, and on Saturday, I’m taking the boys to the Orioles game in Baltimore.

    Mushdogs – Nicely done. To nurse: Um, I got grazed by a bullet helping an old lady who was shot. By the way, what’s your number, honey?”

    Jimbob – First time it was only the blood. I always bleed a lot during procedures like this, but there was minimal pain. Maybe I’ll get another dozen stitches and freak out my coworkers.


    1. be careful Baltimore is almost as dangerous as Philly….remember DC isn’t that far away. I should know I am 5 min from the DC line.


  4. Good Luck! Keep the wife and kiddies calm.

    When you return to work after the surgery, blame the stitches, bandages and swelling Diego’s Loan Shark.


  5. Good luck with everything. We are putting my wife’s dermatologist kids through Stanford. She has had lots of Basal and a couple of Squamous spots removed. Red headed swimmer is now the poster child for sun screen.


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